Ann Shirley Greyson is an Author, Actress, Producer, Dancer, Singer, Fashion Designer, Model and Graphic Designer. Born on March 25, 1969 at 8:24am by John T. Gianis, MD at Overlook Medical Center-Atlantic Health, 193 Morris Ave, Room 615, Summit, New Jersey, Ann is a sensitive and gentle, feminine lesbian homosexual, entire life having personal relationships with women only. Democrat and Roman Catholic. Ann has a healthy life with seafood and vegetarian diet, usually 55 milligrams of caffeine or less/none weekly; with NO eggs, NO monosodium glutamate, NO azodicarbonamide, NO maltodextrin and NO high fructose corn syrup; Ann has between 1100 and 1600 calorie intake from 2 meals daily - NO snacks, NO tobacco, No alcohol, No ink deposits body tattoos. Organic antioxidants health favorites: pomegranate juice; edamame dry green soy beans heart healthy protein and fiber rich; granola with hemp seeds and flax seeds and/or chia seeds with (alpha-linolenic acid) ALA Omega-3; and Greek yogurt non-fat with probiotic lactobacillus organisms: bulgaricus, acidophilus, casei and streptococcus thermophilus and bifidus. Occasionally, Ann takes one softgel of 100 milligrams of Ubiquinol electron-rich form of Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) which repairs and protects muscle cells from damage enhancing blood flow, with neuroprotective effects increasing brain mitochondrial concentrations, avoiding intense exercise while taking; and takes two multivitamin tablets per week with 100% daily value of nutrients: lutein, (docosahexaenoic acid) DHA Omega-3, potassium, iron, vitamin K, vitamin B-12, vitamin D and vitamin E. Tea favorites: Matcha Japanese green tea containing 350 milligrams of catechins; Pu-Erh black China medicinal tea reduces serum cholesterol and triglycerides/blood fats; AriZona brand Rx Energy Herbal Tonic (green tea, vitamin C and panax ginseng [Korean ginseng]); and Rooibos herbal tea of South Africa. For optimal health, low blood pressure and pulse, and longetivity, for more than 20 years Ann studies herbal Chinese medicine such as meditation, biology and chemistry, with readings of home treatment and prevention reference book: 2003 edition of Kaiser Permanente Healthwise Handbook: A Self-Care Guide for You and Your Family.

She currently takes continuing education courses toward a bachelor’s degree at Cornell University of Ithaca, New York. First starting college as an Acting major under instructor Jen Jones at American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Manhattan, and later English literature courses at University of California Los Angeles under instructors Charles Lynn Batten and Carolyn Chiappelli, on academic grants and scholarships, and with her high school graduation ceremony at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts. In New York, jazz dance with Phil Black and ballet at New York City Ballet’s School Of American Ballet, Joffrey Ballet School and under teacher David Howard alongside classmates Mikhail Baryshnikov, Jennifer Gelfand (Boston Ballet) and Lauren Gelfand. At Atlanta Ballet’s Centre for Dance Education, ballet student of Nicolas Pacana, Pavel Rotaru and Merrilee Smith, with modern dance by Virginia Rich Barnett, and ballet master classes by Sarah Daultry, Fernand Nault, Edward Villella, Stanley Zompakos and jazz dance with Gus Giordano.

Small roles as an ensemble and soloist dancer in THE NUTCRACKER of The Atlanta Ballet (1984), CRAYONS of Burklyn Ballet Theatre (1986); Background Player on six episodes of CBS television show WIN, LOSE OR DRAW (1988); Acting Student in film POSED FOR MURDER (1989); Supporting Role in TV Commercial: CANDY & SHELLEY GO TO THE DESERT RADIO SPOT (1990) WNYE 91.5 FM New York radio broadcast in Brooklyn from Medgar Evers College (CUNY) City University of New York. Off Broadway: Ann acted as Athena in John Kallas’ PANDORA (1990) starring Alexis Christoforous and Leona Toussaint with The Pearl Theatre Company in Manhattan.

Ann is Producer of short programs for festivals and broadcast on TV stations in Maryland, New York and Ohio: PROPERTIES OF GLASS (1992) starring Penny Balfour, WHITE BALANCE (1992), I WANT SOMEBODY NEW (1992) Ricardo Alvarado music video featuring actress Angelina Estrada, TV Macy’s commercial REEL OPPORTUNITIES (1993), POMPILIA (1999) starring Richard Chassler, MINAS DE MATAHAMBRE: YESTERDAY AND TODAY (2011), and THE WATCHERS (2013).

Producer of stage shows: Cynthia Heimel’s A GIRL’S GUIDE TO CHAOS (1992) at 7 Stages Back Door Theatre, Atlanta, GA in Theatre In Video collection of Alexander Street Press in Alexandria, VA; Charles Ludlam’s BLUEBEARD (1995) where Ann acted the part of Lamia in three performances at Hollywood Court Theatre, United Methodist Church, Hollywood, CA; and Maurice Maeterlinck’s THE BLUE BIRD (1998) starring Annabelle Lanyon at Valentina Oumansky’s Studio Theatre - Ruth St. Denis Building, Los Angeles, CA; Off Broadway as a Stage Manager for GUYS AND DOLLS (1996) starring Tom Humbert at John Cranford Adams Playhouse, Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY; and Production Stage Manager for BREMEN FREEDOM (1997) starring Georgia Simon at Odyssey Theatre Ensemble, Los Angeles, CA; HEDDA GABLER (2000) starring Karen Sternberg at John Houseman Studio Theatre Too in Manhattan; and BERLIN TO BROADWAY WITH KURT WEILL (2000) starring Michael Winther at Theater Ten Ten, Park Avenue Christian Church in Manhattan.

With Dance Baltimore, dancing roles in THE LION KING (2006) at Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History & Culture (Red Wall of Freedom series); EL MATADOR (2007) choreography by Yvette Shipley-Perkins, and RICH GIRL (2007) choreography by Ivy Fox at Joseph and Rebecca Meyerhoff Auditorium, Baltimore Museum of Art (Free Fall Baltimore). In TV, Ann was a featured dancer on WBFF Channel 45 FOX Baltimore television show MORNING NEWS (2008); actress, dancer and singer in music videos: AMAZING GRACE (2013) starring Irene Ryan, JINGLE BELLS (2014) featuring Bob Fosse, THE ENTERTAINER (2014) featuring Rachel Golding, BUFFALO GALS (2015), MOTHERLESS CHILD (2016) starring Vincent Price, HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN (2017), O CHRISTMAS TREE (2017), and SHINE (2018).

Ann has acting and dancing roles in short programs for festivals and broadcast on TV stations in Maryland and New York: Juan Borona’s TRAUM NOVELA (2012) starring Blake Clendenin and Elizabeth Dugas. GOTHAM KITTY (2013), NEVER-DEAD (2015), THE OUT WORLD (2016), THE LONELY VAMPIRE (2017), BIRDWATCHER (2019), SPACEWOMAN LIGHT-YEARS APART (2019), and I, CITIZEN (2020). TV commercials: ANNOSAUR: PINK & AMBER (2013), TRIBAL DANCE (2013), RED DRESS VARIATION (2013), ANNOSAUR GOES TO FASHION WEEK (2013), CAVEWOMEN (2014) featuring Mamie Van Doren, BROADWAY RUSH (2015), COWGIRLS & INDIANS (2015), SPACEWOMAN (2014), SPACEWOMAN: ORIGINS (2015), SPACEWOMAN: ASCENSION (2015), INFILTRATOR VS. SPACEWOMAN (2016), and SUPER BOWL PARTY UNRATED (2018).


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Meaghan D'Otazzo (born September 7, 1925, Havana, Cuba), Her godfather was Alexandre de Bernard Kourakine, the son of Maria Fiodorovna Kourakine a princess from Russia. Studied ballet under instructors Alberto Alonso, Fernando Alonso and Nikolai Yavorsky at Pro-Arte Musical, Havana, Cuba. Meaghan spent summer seasons of 1955 and 1956 at Ecole de Danse de l'Opera de Paris in Paris, France. In Gala presentations as a coryphee, she danced Bluebird Pas de Deux in Peter Tchaikovsky The Sleeping Beauty alongside dancers Rudolph Nureyev and Zizi Renee Jeanmaire. Meaghan studied music composition, harmony, counterpoint and history at Conservatorio Municipal de Musica de la Habana under instructors Harold Gramatges, Jose Ardevol, Argeliers Leon and Edgardo Martin. In 1957, she studied piano and music with classmate Harvey Van Cliburn under instructors Claudio Arrau, German Diez and Rafael De Silva at The Juilliard School, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, New York, NY. On September 8, 1958 at Iglesia de Nuestra Senora del Carmen in Havana Cuba, Meaghan married Neil Alfredo Otazo, (b. May 20, 1926, Florida, Camaguey, Cuba - d. June 11, 2003, Columbia, MD), Diploma - Colegio de Belen, Marianao, Havana, Cuba; Teacher of Mathematics - Colegio San Eloy, Marianao, Havana, Cuba (1945-1946); Bachelor of Science degree in Finance - Universidad de la Habana, Cuba (1955); Certified Public Accountant after courses taken at Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA (1971); Member: Piedmont Driving Club, Atlanta, GA. On June 22, 1962, Meaghan left Cuba and immigrated to the USA aboard a Pan American airline to Miami, FL becoming a Naturalized Citizen in 1972 in Atlanta, GA. Meaghan and Neil had three children Vivian, W. Patrick, and Ann Shirley Greyson. In Miami, Meaghan’s first job offer was a secretary position from Jackie Gleason, (actor as Ralph Kramden of The Honeymooners Paramount TV show CBS), which she declined. Director of England Calls You commercial and Production Coordinator of television shorts The Watchers whale story, Pompilia ; and The War Is Over , digital betacam video directed by Kathryn Welch starring Jack Donner and Harley Jane Kozak of the 1997 11th Cycle Directing Workshop For Women project of American Film Institute, Center for Advanced Film and Television Studies, Hollywood, CA. Author: La Musica De Haiti (Sociedad Colombista Panamericana, Havana, Cuba,1953), A Guide for the Resource Teacher for the Instruction of Mathematics to the First Grade Hearing Impaired Students (1976), Preserving Our Treasured Legacies Historic Moment in the Fate of Nine Stained Glass Windows (The Spirit of St. Louis newletter No. 1, Volume 20 of St. Louis Catholic Church, Clarksville, MD, 2003), Literary Criticism A Conceptual Approach To Theatrical Reviews (2004). Meaghan’s father Miguel Blanco y Sanchez, (b. October 28, 1887, San Miguel de Ucio, Ribadesella, Asturias, Spain - d. December 15, 1956, Havana, Cuba) , attended Universidad de Salamanca in Spain and worked at The National City Bank of New York in Havana, Cuba. On August 15, 1918 at Iglesia de Termino del Espiritu Santo, Havana, Cuba, Miguel married Maria Virginia Barzaga, daughter of Antonio Barzaga y Herrera, Marques de Pastrana and Maria Salome Diaz y Sosa, (b. Oct. 22, 1863, Quivican, Cuba - d. Sept. 28, 1948). Maria Virginia Barzaga, (b. January 6, 1898, New York, NY - d. May 24, 1976, Atlanta, GA buried at College Park Cemetery, College Park, GA) , was baptized on July 23, 1898 by Reverend Philip Cardella at the Church of St. Francis Xavier, 46 W. 16 St, New York, NY, a Catholic church named for Jesuit missionary San Francisco Xavier, born in 1506 Navarre, Spain, the Apostle of the Indies establishing Christianity in the Far East specifically in India and Japan. In Havana, Cuba, Maria Virginia Barzaga was a Dramatic Soprano performing in the Giacomo Puccini operas Madame Butterfly and La Boheme.