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SUPER BOWL PARTY UNRATED c. 2/18, A Super Bowl spot promotes responsible drinking featuring Super CRAZY Fan, the craziest fan in American sport. She celebrates at a party watching the big game and Cheerleaders halftime performance on a television set in a Karaoke bar and lounge in Buffalo, New York.

COWGIRLS & INDIANS c. 2/15, Almond milk is advertised in this spaghetti western style commercial set in the 1880s in Tombstone, Arizona. Jealous cowgirls search for a Cherokee native entrepreneur named Sequoia who is wrongfully antagonized for peddling almond milk and earning loads of nontaxable income.

BROADWAY RUSH c. 1/15, It is Autumn in New York and time to rush to Broadway Week. This public service announcement promotes the variety of musicals, dances and dramas on Broadway in Manhattan.

INFILTRATOR VS. SPACEWOMAN c. 12/16, This action game style Unreal Engine 4 based project is a spin-off to the SpaceWoman series. Production of mass jewelry to sell to markets in the galaxy is underway at a hidden factory on the planet Sakros. Infiltrator, a notorious smuggler, has broken into the factory to steal the jewelry designs and is detected by guards. SpaceWoman chases Infiltrator off the planet. License Agreement thanks to: Jay Hawkins and Canon Pence/Epic Games - Cary, North Carolina

SPACEWOMAN: ASCENSION c. 12/15, SpaceWoman shows off jewelry acquired from her last voyage in space. She returns home hopeful for future space travel and the unexpected adventures yet to be.

SPACEWOMAN c. 5/14, In a far away galaxy of many alien races, intruders overrun a spaceship attacking a bipedal administrative droid, force SpaceWoman to evacuate and cause the ship to self-destruct. Her shuttle pod lands on a friendly mining colony. Workers give the rescued SpaceWoman jewelry to introduce to her home world in an effort to establish commerce between the colonies. Thanks to: NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena

SPACEWOMAN: ORIGINS c. 11/15, SpaceWoman comes from a planet with two moons and desert alien creature inhabitants. She is a traveler seeking to trade goods and information with other alien beings in a galaxy of infinite possibilities.

CAVEWOMEN c. 3/14, In the beginning women aimlessly wander the Earth until the discovery of jewelry gives them purpose to create and accessorize. Thanks to: Roger Corman/The Filmgroup and film Voyage To The Planet Of Prehistoric Women

ANNOSAUR GOES TO FASHION WEEK c. 8/13, By the Brooklyn Bridge out of the East River comes the notorious giant lizard sea monster wreaking havoc in Manhattan during Fashion Week in time for the debut of annosaur jewelry.


RED DRESS VARIATION c. 4/13, photography by Roger Chin, Thanks to: Anne Rittman Rancourt and Ann Taubenheim/NATIONAL HEART, LUNG, AND BLOOD INSTITUTE, THE NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH, Bethesda, MD

TRIBAL DANCE c. 3/13, {8th Annual NBCUniversal Short Cuts Festival, Universal City, CA} and {Ethnic Studies Library of University of California Berkeley}

GRANDFATHER TRIBUTE c.08/10, On Grandparents Day in September lifetime memories are created with a grandfather and his grandkids., music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart/Adagio Piano Sonata In F Major

ENGLAND CALLS YOU c. 07/10, music: Arthur Sullivan/Imperial March, {EMMY Awards NATAS National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, National Capital Chesapeake Bay Chapter}

REEL OPPORTUNITIES c.1993 [Betacam SP videotape], {TV Macys} , Commercial created after Ann Greyson opened 334 Bloomingdales credit card accounts in under 35 days as a sales associate for the Credit To Go Hello To Hollywood promotion, 1,582.00 prize of Carnival Cruise Lines Fantasy ship 7 day trip Miami, Florida to cities Nassau and Paradise Island, Bahamas including two complimentary roundtrip United Airlines tickets from LaGuardia Airport, 100-15 Ditmars Blvd, East Elmhurst, NY to Miami International Airport, FL, (taken with Bloomingdales coworker friend Sandra Aleman). Ann was first hired by Princess Marcella Fazi Borghese as a Promotional Model of cosmetics at Borghese in Bloomingdales 59th and Lexington Ave.

CANDY & SHELLEY GO TO THE DESERT RADIO SPOT c.1990 {The Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Library, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA} and {WNYE 91.5 FM RADIO, Medgar Evers College, CUNY, Brooklyn, New York}

FREE! I CANT BELIEVE IT? c.1990 [3/4" U-matic videotape], {The Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Library, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA}, {CLIO Awards} and {Mobius Awards}

Reference copies of East Heights Productions programs at: Library of American Broadcasting, University of Maryland, College Park; Library of Congress, Packard Campus for Audio Visual Conservation, Culpeper, VA; Library of Congress, Washington, DC; Joan Nestle’s Lesbian Herstory Archives, Brooklyn, NY; Manufacturers and Traders Trust M&T Bank safe deposit box;and University of California Los Angeles – UCLA Film and Television Archive