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SHINE c. 9/18, Inspired by the lyrics of Harry Dixon Loes gospel song This Little Light of Mine , this pop music video celebrates a birthday with a party, presents and cake.

O CHRISTMAS TREE c. 12/17, Inspired from the yuletide carol written by German poet Ernst Anschutz, this holiday rock music video is a fairy tale story of a disgruntled elf tired of the same routine. The elf is caught taunting Miss Fuji, a pet parakeet of Santa Claus for which the elf is disciplined. Searching for a tree to decorate from the North Pole forest, the elf unintentionally plucks a magical tree with a twinkling star. Carrying the tree, the elf is transformed singing with joy. Later the elf performs duties with mischievous intent. At last the elf places ornaments on the magical tree, which springs to life casting a spell of happiness and holiday spirit to all around it transforming the elf to believe in Christmas again.

HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN c. 4/17, This electro pop music video tells the fictional story of an Asian working girls escort service in the Little Vietnam or Village de L’Est district in New Orleans, Louisiana in contrast to ongoing Mardi Gras celebrations.

MOTHERLESS CHILD c. 4/16, Inspired by the lyrics of William E. Barton traditional spiritual Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child , this rock musical thriller music video is darkly adapted on the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood by Charles Perrault. Thanks to: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer film The Last Man On Earth

BUFFALO GALS c. 8/15, Inspired by John Hodges classic hit, Buffalo Gals is an electronic remix music video about cheerleaders of a football team from Buffalo, New York spending a day at the beach featuring a Super CRAZY Fan.

THE ENTERTAINER c. 11/14, Classic ragtime music is remixed for this music video about exciting nightlife in Manhattan with a peek inside Tequila Bar nightclub. {YouTube, San Bruno, CA}

JINGLE BELLS c. 1/14, Happy holidays in the 1950s with the jingle melody by a doo-wopper trio rehearsing backstage Radio City Music Hall during a live television broadcast and taping of situation comedy The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show in New York. {The 2016 VOLLIE Awards nominee Best Arts/Entertainment Program for Comcast Channel 19 CMC Community Media Center, Westminster, MD} and {YouTube, San Bruno, CA}

AMAZING GRACE c. 7/13, The Clampetts Strike Oil so The Hillbillies move to Beverly hills, California during July 4th festivities, pool party, fireworks and a minor earthquake shake welcome their arrival. Thanks to: Martin Ransohoff/FILMWAYS {Comcast Channel 19 CMC Community Media Center, Westminster, MD} and {YouTube, San Bruno, CA}

I WANT SOMEBODY NEW by Ricardo Alvarado c. 1992, {Comcast Channel 19 CMC Community Media Center, Westminster, MD}, {YouTube, San Bruno, CA} and {26th WorldFest Houston International Film & Video Festival in Texas}

SURGE and THE QUAKE albums
(mp3 digital format, 44.1 kHz audio sample rate, 2 stereo channels, 256 kbps audio bit rates)
artist: Ann Greyson
Shine 2018
O Christmas Tree 2017
House of the Rising Sun 2017
Motherless Child 2016
Buffalo Gals 2015
The Entertainer 2014
Jingle Bells 2014
Amazing Grace 2013