Ann Shirley Greyson is an Author, Actress, Producer. Born on March 25, 1969 at 8:24am at Overlook Medical Center-Atlantic Health, 193 Morris Ave, Summit, New Jersey, Ann is a sensitive, feminine lesbian homosexual, having personal relationships with women only. Democrat and Roman Catholic.
Ann has a healthy life with a vegetarian diet. Favorite cuisines: French, Mexican and BBQ seafood. NO tobacco, NO alcohol, NO ink deposits body tattoos. For optimal health, low blood pressure and pulse, and longevity, Ann practices Chinese herbal medicine such as meditation, biology and chemistry. Hobbies: Reading novels, home decor, fashion, hiking. Former MTV music video junkie and Broadway show junkie.

Her journey in performing arts began at the Atlanta Ballet Centre for Dance Education in Georgia where she studied modern dance with Virginia Rich Barnett, and ballet master classes under instructors including Nicolas Pacana, Sarah Daultry, Fernand Nault, Edward Villella, and Stanley Zompakos. In New York, pointe with Francesca Corkle and Dorothy Daniels Lister at Joffrey Ballet School; ballet under teacher David Howard alongside classmates Mikhail Baryshnikov, Jennifer Gelfand and Lauren Gelfand (Boston Ballet); and jazz dance with Phil Black at Broadway Dance Center.

With federal grants and merit scholarships based on GPA and test scores, never any student loans, besides Howard Community College, she first enrolled as an Acting major at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Manhattan for one semester under instructor Jen Jones; and later English literature courses at University of California Los Angeles under instructors Charles Lynn Batten and Carolyn Chiappelli, then attending Glendale Community College, where besides jazz dance under teacher James Kolb, her English Literature professor Nancy Nevins, the lead vocalist of Sweetwater American rock band that opened the 1969 Woodstock festival in New York and famous for the song "Motherless Child," inspired Ann to cover her own version of Motherless Child (2016 music video) starring Vincent Price.

Among the short TV programs, music videos and commercials Ann acts in include the SpaceWoman and Super CRAZY Fan series for which she is the creator and a novelization is in the works for SpaceWoman to accompany the books (Cowgirls & Indians, Birdwatcher, Gotham Kitty, The Lonely Vampire, Never-DEAD) she’s already written. Consequently, Ann's status grew, an unexpected result from her humble beginnings with small roles on six episodes of the CBS TV series Win, Lose or Draw (1988), and even background extra roles that she rarely mentions in Goodfellas (1990) Warner Bros film; Talking Heads Blind music video (1988); and with actress friends Heather Rose Dominic and Judy Calem in Clear By Design (1988) topical solution commercial starring Lara Jill Miller.

Ann has appeared on many stages from Maryland to New York since 2002 when she returned to dance and choreography. With Dance Baltimore, ensemble roles in The Lion King (2006) choreography by Lori Goodman-Joyner at Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History & Culture (Red Wall of Freedom series); El Matador (2007) choreography by Yvette Shipley-Perkins, and Rich Girl (2007) choreography by Ivy Fox at Joseph and Rebecca Meyerhoff Auditorium, Baltimore Museum of Art (Free Fall Baltimore). With B. Funk Dance Company she performed in pieces choreographed by Jennifer Combest and Angie Servant Worley. While attending Howard Community College she took dance classes and performed in pieces choreographed by Renee Brozic Barger, Ray Hatch, Lester Holmes, and Sherri Liebrich-Kasky.

She has also enjoyed brief stints in modeling for annosaur jewelry; The Red Dress of The Heart Truth; Skintelligence skin cleansing emulsion; Just Jockey for Her; Debbie Hall dresswear in Traphagen School of Fashion’s 66th Annual Fashion Show at The David Schwartz Fashion Education Center of Parsons School of Design|The New School; Canal Jean Co coats commercial; I Know men’s cologne School of Visual Arts student commercial with Jeannie Collins; four years of promotions at Bloomingdale’s 59th and Lexington Ave, New York City which included EPI products EpiLady and EpiSauna; and Leotardo da Vinci dancewear.

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Meaghan Regina D’Otazzo and Neil Otazo

Meaghan Regina D’Otazzo; Maria Virginia Barzaga Blanco and Miguel Blanco; Antonio Barzaga and Maria Salome Diaz Barzaga and Maria Virginia Barzaga

Supportive to Ann’s career is her elderly incapacitated mother Meaghan Regina D’Otazzo (b. September 7, 1925, Havana, Cuba) whose godfather was Alexandre de Bernard Kourakine, the husband of Hilda Heydrich and descendant of Russian Princess Tatiana Alexandrovna Kourakine. Studied ballet under instructors Alberto Alonso, Fernando Alonso and Nikolai Yavorsky at Escuela de Ballet de Pro-Arte Musical de La Habana, Cuba. In 1954, Meaghan took piano and music classes with Harvey Van Cliburn at The Juilliard School, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, New York City. Then she spent the summer seasons of 1956 and 1957 at Ecole de Danse de l'Opera de Paris in Paris, France, where she danced as a coryphee, alongside dancers Rudolph Nureyev and Renee "Zizi" Jeanmaire in Gala presentations. On September 8, 1958 at Iglesia de Nuestra Senora del Carmen in Havana Cuba, Meaghan married Neil Alfredo Otazo y Diaz (b. May 20, 1926, Florida, Camaguey, Cuba - d. June 11, 2003, Columbia, Maryland), residing a few years at Calle Almendares No. 166, apt. 2, entre Benjumeda y Desague in Havana, Cuba, before coming to the United States of America and having three children: Vivian, W. Patrick and Ann. On June 22, 1962, Meaghan left Cuba and immigrated to the USA with her mother Maria Virginia Barzaga, a U.S. citizen by birth, aboard Pan American Airways flight 2422 to Miami, Florida, though U.S. Officials had suspended commercial flights between Cuba and the United States of America, they had allowed flights for Americans and their immediate family members. In Miami, Florida, Meaghan’s first job offer was a secretary position from Jackie Gleason, actor of The Honeymooners - Paramount TV show (CBS), which she declined. She is credited Production Coordinator of The War Is Over, 30 minute digital betacam program, starring Jack Donner and Harley Jane Kozak (1997) 11th Cycle Directing Workshop For Women project of the American Film Institute. Certificate of graduation in Professional Photography from the New York Institute of Photography (1990); Teaching Certificate in field of Hearing Impaired from the State of Georgia, Department of Education (1980-1973); Teaching Certificate in field of Administration & Supervision [Provisional] from the State of Georgia, Department of Education (1979-1975); Specialist In Education degree in Supervision from the University of Georgia (1976); Master of Education degree in Special Education from Georgia State University (1973); Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Georgia State University (1972); Doctor of Philosophy degree from the Universidad de la Habana (1961); and Diploma from Colegio Baldor.
Though Meaghan is legally a U.S. citizen born abroad and should have been granted automatic U.S. citizenship, she obtained U.S. citizenship through Naturalization on September 12, 1972 in Atlanta, Georgia. Her mother, Maria Virginia Barzaga (b. January 6, 1898, New York, New York - d. May 24, 1976, Atlanta, Georgia, buried at College Park Cemetery, College Park, Georgia), was baptized by Reverend Philip Cardella on July 23, 1898 at the Church of St. Francis Xavier, a Jesuit Roman Catholic parish, 55 W. 15th Street, New York, NY, where her granddaughter Ann Greyson had attended Sunday mass periodically over the past 23 years before returning to live in Los Angeles, California. After her birth, Maria Virginia Barzaga lived for 4 years in a red brick townhouse on W. 102 Street in the Upper West Side neighborhood of Manhattan before she moved with her parents, Antonio Barzaga y Herrera (b. 1858, Bayamo, Granma, Cuba - d. 1909, Havana, Cuba) and Maria Salome Diaz y Sosa (b. October 22, 1863, Quivican, Cuba - d. September 28, 1948, Havana, Cuba), to Cuba shortly after The Spanish-American War had ended. Due to that war, the Barzagas had left Cuba in 1897 on the advice of family friend Blas Diego Villate y de la Hera, Conde de Valmaseda. Maria Virginia Barzaga married Miguel Blanco y Sanchez, (b. October 28, 1887, San Miguel de Ucio, Ribadesella, Asturias, Spain - d. March 20, 1956, Havana, Cuba), on August 15, 1918, at Iglesia de Termino del Espiritu Santo in Havana, Cuba, where she lived many years in a house in the poshest suburb in Havana, Cuba on Avenida 7, numero 9, Miramar, Marianao and then a few years at Calzada de Ayestaran No. 474, apt. 30, entre San Pablo y Pedro Perez.

Miguel Barzaga; Rafael Barzaga; Miguel Angel de la Campa; Carlos Blanco

Antonio Barzaga y Herrera is the brother of Miguel Barzaga y Herrera, who married Aurelia Landa; and Rafael Barzaga y Herrera, (b. May 24, 1864 - Bayamo, Granma, Cuba - d. August 17, 1945, Cuba), married to Concepcion Condis (d. February 9, 1959), he was the founder and director of El Figaro newspaper (1885-1930). Miguel Blanco y Sanchez is a half-first cousin of Miguel Angel de la Campa y Caraveda (b. December 8, 1882, Havana, Cuba - d. August 20, 1965, Miami, Florida) as they share the same grandmother, Francisca Alvarodiaz (b. Abeo, Asturias, Spain). Miguel Angel de la Campa y Caraveda married Maria Teresa Roff y Castilla, and served as Ambassador of Cuba to the United States in Washington, DC (1958), Foreign Minister of Cuba (1952-1954), Charge d'Affaires at London - Cuban Legation (1913-1918), and Minister Plenipotentiary (Japan). Doctor of Philosophy degree in Civil & Public Law from Universidad de la Habana. Decorations: Legion d'honneur (Chevalier) of France, Orden de Carlos III (Grand Commander) and the Order of Isabel la Catolica of Spain. Miguel Blanco y Sanchez is the first cousin of Carlos Blanco y Sanchez (b. February 16, 1904, Havana, Cuba - d. October 17, 1999) Doctor of Laws (LLD) degree from Universidad de la Habana (1925), he worked for the Department of State, Havana (1930-1935 and 1939-1945) Assistant Secretary of the Cuban delegation to the United Nations, Member: American Society of International Law (ASIL), Decorations: Order of Carlos Manuel de Cespedes (1941) and the Order of Brilliant Star of China (1950) and married to Maria Luisa de Lasa y Broch.

Manuel Diaz y Hernandez and Maria Sosa Diaz; [Maria Virginia Barzaga, Maria Salome Diaz Barzaga, Francisca Martinez y Acosta, Piedad Diaz y Martinez, Amparo Diaz y Martinez, Margarita Andux y Diaz, Laura Diaz y Torres]; Manuel Luciano Diaz monument by artist and sculptress Rita Longa y Arostegui; Manuel Luciano Diaz; Manuel Dionysius Diaz

Maria Salome Diaz y Sosa is the daughter of Manuel Diaz y Hernandez, (d. February 23, 1896, Guanabacoa, Cuba), and Maria Sosa y Diaz; and the sister of Manuel Luciano Diaz y Sosa, (b. January 7, 1850 on a coffee plantation in Alquizar, Artemisa, Cuba - d. January 15, 1918, Naranjito of Arroyo Naranjo, Havana, Cuba, shortly after his horse, "Golden Chance" won his first race, under Jockey Eddie Taplin, at Oriental Park Race Track in Marianao, Havana), an avid equestrian, with his Kentucky thoroughbred "Pierpont," he took blue ribbons in many horse shows, graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York, and was a friend of Sir William Cornelius Van Horne, KCMG, a president of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Dubbed the "Cuban Copper King" by The Leavenworth Echo newspaper of Leavenworth, Washington, Manuel Luciano Diaz y Sosa, was the proprietor of Minas de Matahambre, S.A. copper mining facility established in 1912 in Pinar del Rio, Cuba and was the Secretary of Public Works under Tomas Estrada Palma, the first President of the new republic of Cuba. His farm of Holstein breed of dairy cattle from the Netherlands, enabled his venture into local distribution and exportation of milk and cheese in 1916. He married Francisca Martinez y Acosta and is the father of Manuel Dionysius Diaz y Martinez, (b. April 8, 1874, Havana, Cuba - d. February 20, 1929, Rochester, Minnesota), Harvard University graduate class of 1899 and two time gold medalist in the individual sabre and team foil competition in the 1904 Summer Olympics held in St. Louis, Missouri, married Blanche Maud Bridgman, (b. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada).

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