Gotham Kitty is a stand-alone with present tense writing, short (five-or-six-page) chapters, and writing in third-person point-of-view for the characters in the novel. Ann Greyson explores the imaginative world of alien races and their interaction with humans in this fun-loving story.

With anticipation, this heartwarming story of magic and imagination about a female alien with human and feline anatomy will affect readers of all ages. After capture and almost sold and put into slavery by an insectoid alien race, Gotham Kitty breaks out of cell confinement aboard a spaceship. She damages power cables before leaving in an escape pod. The alien vessel explodes and crashes in Tanzania. Primatologist Allison Banes finds Gotham Kitty asleep nearby the crash site. Dr. Banes keeps Gotham Kitty safe in her home and on full moon nights she allows the catwoman to explore outside. Sadly, Allison Banes falls victim to the Evil Shadowy Figure for harboring the alien, who alongside the descendant child of the victims of the great fire of the past according to Bantu prophecy will end its reign of terror.

After Dr. Banes dies of a heart attack which the Evil Shadowy Figure induces, Gotham Kitty lives alone in the wild. When East African children see her, Gotham Kitty becomes a popular story making a jealous Evil Shadowy Figure, a sinister entity the Bantu use to scare children into obedience because of a long-standing curse on the Bantu people due to a hundreds year old tragedy.

The story follows the friendship of Gotham Kitty and Cassidy, an 11-year-old African girl, who end up on a series of adventures to break the hundreds-year-old supernatural curse of the Evil Shadowy Figure in the region.

A worthy tale of friendship that will have every reader wishing for an extraterrestrial like Gotham Kitty who they can call their own. Because she’s not going home.

After the release of Gotham Kitty, other books coming of Ann Greyson’s manuscripts and novelizations of TV programs by 2025 are: Birdwatcher, The Out World, SpaceWoman, Cowgirls & Indians, The Distressed Damsel, Atlanta Penitentiary Hostage Crisis, and O Christmas Tree children’s book.