Set in the Wild West in 1880s in Tombstone, Arizona, Sequoia, a Cherokee woman from a tribe that had migrated to the dominant Apache territory from Catoosa, Oklahoma, struggles to survive and inspire her people. During this time of The Apache Wars, a series of armed conflicts with the United States Army, that southwest area was extremely dangerous because the Apache Indians considered it to be their land and often fought to keep it theirs. But the real showdown is between Randall Davis, a sympathetic Lieutenant of the United States Army serving at Camp Huachuca and the unruly, discriminatory Sheriff Clancy Barton of Tombstone, who pursues Sequoia as an outlaw on the grounds of earning untaxable income producing and selling almond milk, seeing it just as bad as horse theft. But in all actual, it was affecting the profits from the sales of cow’s milk. With past tense writing, short (five-or-six-page) chapters, and third persons point-of-view, Cowgirls & Indians will show off Ann Greyson’s ability to humor her readers and educate them about the human nature to survive in a difficult period in American history.

Cowgirls & Indians c. 2/15

Advertising almond milk in this spaghetti western style commercial set in the 1880s in Tombstone, Arizona.
Jealous cowgirls search for Sequoia, a Cherokee native entrepreneur, who becomes an outlaw for peddling almond milk and earning loads of nontaxable income.

After the release of Cowgirls & Indians, other books coming of Ann Greyson’s manuscripts and novelizations of TV programs by 2027 are:
The Out World, SpaceWoman, Birdwatcher 2, Atlanta Penitentiary Hostage Crisis, and O Christmas Tree children’s book.

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When twelve-year-old Abigail Wincoff vanishes in the woods while birdwatching outside the cabin she was staying with her parents, the police suspect foul play. Abigail’s spirit doesn’t cross over and is left to haunt the cabin where she devises a plan to obtain closure to her life that was cut short in murder.

(Silver Book Award 2022 The Literary Titan Book Awards), (LitPick Top Choice Award 2022) and (Third Place in Paranormal - Speak Up Talk Radio 2022 Firebird Book Awards) - Thanks to Patricia J. Rullo and a panel of 25 judges!

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When a crash-landing in Tanzania, Africa unleashes a havoc-wreaking spirit that has been plaguing the Chagga for nearly 200 years, a petite feline-like extraterrestrial who just wants to find her way home is bound by prophecy to end the curse.

(Recommended Read 2022 Author Shout Reader Ready Awards) and (Silver Book Award 2021 The Literary Titan Book Awards)

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(Recommended Read 2021 Author Shout Reader Ready Awards) and (First Place in Paranormal - Speak Up Talk Radio 2021 Firebird Book Awards) - Thanks to Patricia J. Rullo and a panel of 12 judges!

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(Finalist in Books for Teenagers - 2021 Wishing Shelf Book Awards - Thanks to Edward Trayer / Billy Bob Buttons and the children from 10 United Kingdom primary and secondary schools for a score of over 25 points) and (Third Place in General Fiction - TCK Publishing’s 2020 Reader’s Choice Awards - Thanks to readers and Tom Corson-Knowles)