Just another GHOST story, to keep you up at night, to give you the chills. with past tense writing, short (five-or-six-page) chapters, and third-person point-of-view.

A missing child poster of a 12-year-old girl is on a traffic signal pole in Dingmans Ferry, Pennsylvania. In the woods, Gail Wincoff peers through binoculars at chirping birds. In a remote cabin, Gail types the psychological horror thriller novel Murder In The Poconos about the murder of a 12-year-old girl while on vacation with her parents in the heart of the Pocono Mountains. Gail is in fear from hearing voices and seeing the spirit of a girl. Gail types the last page of the novel and places the full manuscript on the table. After hearing a noise in the attic, Gail searches and finds a photograph of a girl on the floor recognizing the girl to be herself. The manuscript lies on a table in the empty cabin. From the imagination of the dead girl, Gail is a ghostwriter and the adult version of the girl.

Just when you think you understand everything in the story, a new twist comes in at the end to shock readers.

After the release of Birdwatcher, other books coming of Ann Greyson’s manuscripts and novelizations of TV programs by 2025 are: Cowgirls & Indians, The Out World, SpaceWoman, The Distressed Damsel, Atlanta Penitentiary Hostage Crisis, and O Christmas Tree children’s book.